Spencer’s impact

My campaign is solely focused on having a positive impact on as many Missourians as possible.

I wasn’t willing to wait until I got to Washington to make a difference, so from the moment I announced my run for the U.S. Senate, I got to work. Here’s what we’ve been able to accomplish to date:

Access to Medicaid. Even though Missourians passed Medicaid expansion in 2020, it took a court order to get the state GOP leadership to implement the program. They did, but they made no effort to inform the 275,000 people across the state who may qualify. So, our campaign got to work, reaching out to folks with information and supporting them as they made their applications. To date, we’ve helped more than 10,000 apply for the healthcare assistance they need and deserve.

Working to Free Exonerees. Kevin Strickland had served more than 43 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. When his case came up for review in the Summer of 2021, we worked with activists to host formerly-incarcerated exonerees to testify on Kevin’s behalf and held The Rally For Freedom in Kansas City with the National Organization of Exonerees. Kevin was released from prison in November of 2021, and I am proud to call him a friend today.

Even though a Missouri judge has declared him innocent, Christopher Dunn is still waiting for his release, caught in a legal loophole. At the request of his wife Kira, I spoke at Poelker Park in St. Louis to call for his release and will continue to fight with Kira until Chris is fully exonerated and free. pic.twitter.com/pw4Hrpwq5A

Child Tax Credit. The Child Tax Credit in the pandemic relief bill has helped lift families out of poverty all across America. Still, it wasn’t always easy for folks to make that application. So we set up information on our Web site and sat down with folks to help them navigate the paperwork. More than 500 families benefited from our efforts.

Feeding Unhoused Vets. When we heard that unhoused veterans were going without dinner for Thanksgiving, we provided and served 200 hot meals to honor and thank them for their service. The food was prepared by Mawda, a Syrian refugee who spoke about the support she’d received from US troops as she fled Syria. There is so much more work to be done to serve our veterans who so honerably served us. The conversations around the table that afternoon will inform my work in the Senate to insure these folks get the support and respect they have duly earned.  pic.twitter.com/avsAxiBfwm

Broadband Internet. Broadband Internet connectivity is an essential utility in today’s economy, and still it is neither universally available nor affordable for many people across this state. Our campaign launched an awareness program in early 2022 and helped over 4,000 families save $30 each month by tapping the programs of the Internet Connectivity Act.

Gun Sense Candidate. It shouldn’t take a mass shooting to recognize that we must do better to ensure that guns are secured and handled safely and that the weapons of war are not easily available to everyone. We can have reasonable safety protections and honor the Second Amendment at the same time. I participated in Moms Demand Action’s Demand a Seat Program and am proud to have earned the Gun Sense Candidate Distinction. I fully support their agenda and join with them to march, protest, and demand that our legislatures at every level address this critical public safety issue.

Building Democratic Party Infrastructure. When I entered this race, I was shocked at the lack of support and infrastructure for Democratic candidates across this state. I’m proud that 10% of the funds I raise in the general election will be reserved for long term growth of Democratic infrastructure in Missouri. Politics shouldn’t be about money, and my goal is for Democrats to be competitive in every district of our state.