January 6th was a violent attack on our democracy and a fundamental violation of our shared constitutional values. One year later, we are still waiting for accountability.

The deadly attack on our nation’s Capitol last year was un-American. Our democratic system is held together by shared principles. Our votes are constitutionally sacred, and a free and fair democracy is fundamental to who we are as a nation. On January 6th, 2021, a group of people violated those shared values. Their actions were an affront to everything we stand for as a society that respects our right to vote and the rule of law.

More than 200 Republican members of Congress voted not to investigate the insurrection when the time came to hold those responsible accountable. They don’t want us to believe what we saw with our own eyes. They want us to forget that they nearly subverted the 2020 election. We know the truth:

A group of extremists launched a violent assault on our democratic system itself. While many of the insurrectionists have rightfully been prosecuted and convicted, the partisan politicians that enabled, and even participated in the insurrection, still have not been held accountable.

Missouri Senator, Josh Hawley, greeted insurrectionists that day with a raised fist. Just this week, he joined Fox News’ Brett Baier and continued to peddle dangerous lies about January 6th and the 2020 election. Missouri Attorney General, Eric Schmitt, directed funds from the Republican Attorney General’s Association to provide support to rally people to the Capitol to “Stop The Steal” and for “Patriots” to “Fight”. Former Missouri State Representative, Justin Hill, joined the mob in storming the Capitol. They have faced no consequences.

When many elected Republicans cast doubt on the 2020 election results, Republican Secretaries of State across the country counted our votes and affirmed that the results were secure and valid. The election was investigated and proved to be fair and accurate. The people spoke; we elected President Biden with the largest voter turnout in our nation’s history. This is the truth, no matter what Donald Trump or Josh Hawley would have you believe for their own interests.

We can restore faith in our democratic system. We can hold accountable those who sought to rob us of our most sacred constitutional right. But only if we elect leaders who will do what is necessary to defend our democracy. When I’m elected to the Senate, I will take an oath to support and defend our Constitution. We need all elected officials to uphold the promise of that oath.

In 2022, we have an opportunity to turn back a loud minority of extremists. These vocal few do not represent Republicans, Independents, Democrats, or the values of our communities. Missourians must come together to fight for our constitutional democracy. We must make our voices heard and stand up for our shared principles. We need you to join this campaign. Help us register new voters. Commit to vote. Volunteer to write letters to your friends and neighbors to tell them how urgent it is that we elect a Senator who will work for us and for our democracy. Stand up to the extremists who seek to deny us our right to vote in free and fair elections. We need you in this fight.

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