lgbtqia+ Rights

are human rights

Spencer’s lgbtqia+ Policy Beliefs

The Human Rights Campaign equality index ranked Missouri in its lowest category. It is time that we protect the rights of all Missourians and all Americans. The LGBTQIA+ community should not be voided of its liberty and freedom. That is why as your next U.S. Senator, I will fight and advocate for the much needed passing of updated civil rights legislation that protects fundamental freedoms for LGBTQIA+ people.. 


Members of the community have faced attacks on their right to housing, healthcare, employment, civil unionship, etc.

We must pass the Equality Act to end discriminatory practices such as conversion therapy, discrimination in sports, and the ban of blood donation by sexually active members of the community. As we pass Medicare for All, gender affirming healthcare must be covered, as no one should be discriminated against for their gender or sexual orientation. We are here for you, this campaign is here for you, and soon we will ensure that this country is finally here for you as well.

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