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There is no greater existential threat to mankind than climate change.  The economic cost of not taking bold action is far greater than the cost of stopping climate change and innovating to reverse it. 

We know that the worst effects of climate change are being felt disproportionately by our BIPOC communities. We must fight for environmental justice, transition to a green economy, and invest in renewable energy infrastructure.

We can create millions of good-paying jobs and at the same time ensure that our children, and their children, can enjoy a world free of pollution and catastrophic climate events.

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Whether we call it ‘Medicare For All’ or ‘Universal Healthcare’, Americans deserve assured access to healthcare that is free or affordable for all. We pay 2.5x what other industrialized nations pay for healthcare, yet have below average outcomes. Healthcare reform will stimulate businesses which are currently paying up to 30% of their overhead for inefficient health insurance. Everyone in our country deserves access to publicly-funded quality healthcare, and we can boost the economy and reduce the burden on small businesses while providing that basic human right. >> Watch Democracy Discussions Episode on Healthcare

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Every part of our platform is designed to stimulate the economy and to add millions of good paying jobs. Our economy works better when people aren’t wasting money on payday loans, medical debt, and student debt. I firmly believe we must create a society in which people are spending time with their families, not working two or three jobs just to afford their next meal.

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We already agree that kindergarten through 12th grade should be free and we have the resources to provide for infant-care, early childhood education, public colleges, and trade schools. Funding education based on scratcher tickets and real estate taxes is not an effective way to support one of our most important investments: high-quality education for all Americans. Our society will be better off if those are funded and people don’t need to take on debt that will forever burden them as they try to better their lives as well as our society.

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We must protect our country. Unfortunately, today’s military industrial complex is designed for last century defense and combat. The next battle fronts will be a changing mix of real and virtual battle fields and we must prepare appropriately for both. And, we must fight the challenges at home that leave Americans vulnerable. We need to reevaluate and reprioritize how we fund the protection of our constituents at home and abroad, using every technical advantage, bringing troops back from abroad, and taking care of everyone in our country.

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Infrastructure is everywhere. It is roads and bridges, airports and riverports. It’s also high-speed internet, quality schools, stable power grid, clean water, accessible hospitals, and secure financial systems. It’s all the things that enable our economy to work efficiently. Infrastructure is the foundation which is necessary for a thriving society to succeed, and it is a long-term investment that will always pay off.

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Almost all economic and job growth in America comes from innovative people creating and growing businesses that solve important problems. To be successful in the long-term, we need to invest heavily in research & development and continue to grow our nation as one in which innovation is rewarded.

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America—and Missouri—are rich in agricultural resources. St. Louis alone has the highest concentration of agricultural PhDs in the world. We need to focus on our strengths, recognize the brilliant work of so many, and invest in our locally-owned farms, ensuring that our agricultural industry remains American-owned and flourishes in an environment that provides for today and for future generations.


Equality, Civil Rights & Anti-Discrimination icon for Spencer Toder for Missouri U.S. Senate


When written, our Constitution afforded rights to white, heterosexual men. Over time, those rights have expanded to more people, but those changes have been slow and too hard fought. It is long past time that our society and systems fully reflect that “all people are created equal.” We must ensure that opportunity is equitable for all.

>> Watch Democracy Discussions Episode on Equality, Civil Rights and Anti-Discrimination

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No one should go to bed without a roof over their head, clean running water, food in their stomach, and heat to keep them warm. We live in the wealthiest country in the world and it is unconscionable that we have people living in such dire conditions. It is impossible to focus on taking care of yourself and your family when you are worried about where you will get your next meal or find shelter. Our government’s policies should protect our right to safe, affordable and accessible housing.

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The suicide rate among veterans and the poor quality of service and care for returning service members is an American shame. I am deeply committed to honoring the sacrifices of those who have protected our nation and that begins with decreasing the number of troops engaged in battle and supporting and honoring them as they transition to healthy, civilian lives when they come home.

Immigration icon


We are a nation of immigrants, a fact we should proudly embrace. Immigrants are among our country’s greatest doctors, innovators, business people, farmers and restaurateurs. We should celebrate the rich cultures that they bring to America because they make our society more diverse and enrich our communities. They are an essential part of our economy and our communities. We should appreciate and encourage those who come to America looking for better lives.

Reproductive Rights icon


The government has no right to be involved in reproductive healthcare decisions. In the Senate, I will vote to codify Roe v. Wade.  Additionally, data shows that the best way to reduce the number of abortions in our country is not through preventing access, but to increase prevalence of contraceptives and sex education, while also making infant care free or affordable. These are things that everyone should feel comfortable supporting, regardless of personal beliefs.

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We must take a holistic approach to public safety. Historically, public safety has meant policing, which by its very nature is reactive. Instead of defunding police, we must proactively refund communities. By investing in healthcare, education, mental health programs, and good paying jobs for all people, our communities will be far safer and the jobs of hard-working police officers will be better, too.

Accountability and Transparency Icon for Spencer Toder for Missouri U.S. Senate


Each year gun violence in America kills 40,000 people, injures far more, and costs our nation $280 million. The best way to protect the 2nd Amendment and reduce gun violence is to focus the conversation on gun safety and responsible gun ownership. Let’s make sure that people have their weapons registered, that guns are out of reach of children and properly stored, that domestic abusers and those with mental health issues can’t easily access deadly firearms. Let’s make firearms safety certification as common as a driver’s license. We can end the epidemic of gun violence that is making our communities less safe, and we can do it without voiding the 2nd Amendment.

Criminal Justice Reform icon


Our justice system must work for everyone. That means taking a data-backed approach to sentencing and incarceration. It means ensuring that no one is unjustly put in a prison cell and that cash bail is eliminated. It means that no one is above the law, regardless of wealth, power, influence, or job, especially when that job is law enforcement. It means treating addiction as the health crisis it is. Our people are our greatest asset. We must stop wasting taxpayer money locking people up when they really need a helping hand.


Accountability and Transparency Icon for Spencer Toder for Missouri U.S. Senate


We deserve access to our representatives and to know why they are voting for or against any bill. That means town halls, open communication, and repercussions when they work against our interests.

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If people believed that they were getting value for the taxes they paid, they wouldn’t hesitate and would even be proud to pay them. Unfortunately, our roads are falling apart, our education systems are failing our children, and people are deep in medical debt. Our values are not aligned with how the government spends our money. We need a complete overhaul of our tax code, so that hard working people keep more of their money, while being confident that our money is spent in ways that make our lives better.

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We do not have a functioning two-party system. Politicians are disenfranchising Americans using voter suppression, gerrymandering, and corporate donations to maintain power. That is unacceptable in our democratic country. We need structural reform to ensure money stays out of politics and every American has equal, fair access to voting and representation.

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