your body
your choice

someone you love has had an abortion




we will always fight for the right to choose

abortion rights are under attack

but we will prevail


only 8% of Americans believe that abortion should be illegal in all cases. 


we have the support of the people. it’s time to unite and take our country back.

Democracy is in jeopardy, but the systems that were established by our founders allow for our country to determine how we will be governed and what will be the law of the land. When I set out to run for office, it was for the sole purpose of abolishing the filibuster and to end the rule of an extreme minority that does not rule on our behalf, but on their own. That has not changed. While the stakes have been raised, we knew this would be a challenge and the action that has been taken to revoke our rights will backfire against them as it unites us.


Our best chance at reversing the actions of the Supreme Court and to ensure a future in which fascists do not have control of our bodies, is to abolish the filibuster and to pass a law protecting reproductive rights. That can only occur with full control of the Senate–control that overcomes the barriers provided by Senators Manchin and Sinema. That is what we will achieve when I win and that is why I have been working to build the largest grassroots coalition in the history of politics in Missouri.


It is important that we listen to experts–not politicians–when it comes to medical decisions.

Here are some resources for you, that have been helpful to me, as I speak with Missourians across the state.


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