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Our team is using data science to quantify the levels of harm caused / travel time and distance cost incurred by the recent SCOTUS decision.

The median drive time for Missouri residents seeking care is 6.55 hours. Residents in the Kansas City area can expect over 10-hour round trips. More data coming soon.


On average, care seekers in unprotected areas of the United States would need to travel 10.56 hours round trip to access care. Those without access to transportation and a financial safety net will be the most impacted by the Supreme Court’s Decision

We must help Pro-Choice Missouri ensure abortion access.

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Unprotected Origin Locations | n=526 | scaled by Population | Color=avg round trip drive time | round_trip_mean=10.56 hoursRound trip driving hours to access care by state



Rarely in the history of the United States has the Supreme Court issued a ruling that takes rights away from our citizens. Today’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson is a devastating blow to the fundamental rights to abortion, privacy, bodily autonomy, and healthcare. Further, it is clear that a Supreme Court, made up of individuals who are motivated to impose their personal agendas on the American people and to legislate from the bench, requires systems to hold justices accountable. A Supreme Court that has lost the trust of the people cannot function as a democratic guardrail. 

The Court has failed us today and we must act with urgency to restore the protections of Roe and codify the right to privacy through federal legislation and to finally underpin the protections that are a hallmark of freedom. The government has no place in a person’s decision to terminate or carry a pregnancy to term.

Three of nine sitting Supreme Court Justices were appointed by a President who is under active investigation for an attempt to overthrow our government–a threat that continues to this day–and a Senate Majority Leader who broke faith with the American people to manipulate the confirmation process. America is not a country to be ruled by kings, unaccountable and untouchable, but by public servants, who work in the interest of all the people.

When I am in the U.S. Senate, I will fight to end the filibuster that enables a minority of politicians to hold sway over the lives of all Americans. I will fight to codify Roe into Federal law and ensure that an individual, not the government, holds the power to choose. I will vote to expand and rebalance the Supreme Court and to ensure that those entrusted with such great power can never again avoid accountability as they take away our fundamental freedoms.

Until then, I stand with those who are doing the work, including Pro-Choice Missouri, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood, and the thousands of volunteers across Missouri and this country who stand up every day for what is right.

This is our country. We must never allow rights that countless citizens fought to be taken away. When Missouri sends me to Washington, we will take back that which is rightfully ours and restore the will of the people.

Democracy is in jeopardy, but the systems that were established by our founders allow for our country to determine how we will be governed and what will be the law of the land. When I set out to run for office, it was for the sole purpose of abolishing the filibuster and to end the rule of an extreme minority that does not rule on our behalf, but on their own. That has not changed. While the stakes have been raised, we knew this would be a challenge and the action that has been taken to revoke our rights will backfire against them as it unites us.

Our best chance at reversing the actions of the Supreme Court and to ensure a future in which fascists do not have control of our bodies, is to abolish the filibuster and to pass a law protecting reproductive rights. That can only occur with full control of the Senate–control that overcomes the barriers provided by Senators Manchin and Sinema. That is what we will achieve when I win and that is why I have been working to build the largest grassroots coalition in the history of politics in Missouri.

It is important that we listen to experts–not politicians–when it comes to medical decisions.


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