Our Plan
for winning the
2022 Senate seat

I believe in Accountability
and transparency

And accountability and transparency start with sharing our plan to win the 2022 Senate seat. I am a lifelong Democrat, yet the values I hold do not belong to any one specific party. To win, we will encourage people to look past the letters “D” and “R” on the ticket, and to judge our platform based on how our lives will be improved when I am your Senator.

You have my promise that as your candidate and your Senator, I will actively listen, effectively communicate, and do what I say I’m going to do.


  • Instead of telling people our vision for the future, we are going to listen to our constituents to effectively engage in discussion of our shared goals.
  • We will “Do Well by Doing Good.” At every step of this campaign, we will be working to make the lives of Missourians better. Not just once I’m in office, but the whole way along the campaign.
  • We will work for policies that reinforce security, control, and community for all Missourians. 
  • We will use technology in unique ways to make sure the voices of Missourians influence decision making.
  • We will focus on the things that bring us together and find ways to build bridges when we don’t agree on specific policy.
  • We recognize that we don’t have all the answers and will actively learn from experts.
  • We will provide a platform to showcase the people in the region who are working hard to make our world a better place. 
  • We will support down ballot candidates who share our values.
  • We will be accessible to all of our constituents.
  • We will engage people who don’t think their vote matters, and prove to them that it does.
  • We recognize that donations are investments people are making in a functional democracy and will spend money prudently. We believe the goal of a campaign isn’t to raise as much money as possible; it is to effectively engage constituents and encourage them to vote.
  • We will create a campaign that makes Missourians proud to say that Spencer Toder is their Senator.