2021 Child tax credit

“a government that makes our lives better”

Recent legislation signed into law by President Biden provides up to $300 per month per child for many families. You may be eligible to receive advance Child Tax Credit payments beginning July 15th.

To check your enrollment status, eligibility and manage your payment methods visit:





Spencer Toder believes that building a better future means listening to all Missourians and making sure that our government is working equally for everyone. That means putting people above politics and ensuring that we all get a government that represents our interests. That’s why Spencer is running to become Missouri’s next US Senator.

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Spencer Toder
ON the Issues

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Accountability and Transparency

We deserve to be represented by legislators who tell us why they vote for or against a bill.  We are entitled to hold our elected officials accountable. That’s core to Spencer’s beliefs. He will always act in the best interest of Missourians and he’ll always explain himself truthfully. He’ll make sure everyone has a seat at the table, that everyone has equal access to the ballot box, and that all of our tax dollars are spent wisely and justly. Most importantly, you can hold him to it.

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Investing in our future

We need to leave our world in a better place for future generations. That means taking care of our planet while creating an economy in which all Americans can thrive. It means providing quality education and access to health care, and investing in infrastructure, agriculture, technology, and innovation in Missouri.

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A Government That Works for ALL Missourians

Too many people have been left behind.  The middle class is shrinking. Systemic injustice makes it impossible for many to thrive. All the while, the Government seems to work for the benefit of a select few. It’s long past time for things to change. People aren’t looking for a hand-out, they are looking for a government that cares about us – each and every one of us – and helps us live safe, happy, healthy lives.


It is shameful that it costs so much money to run for office, but until we get big money out of politics, we need donations to make our voices heard. Please give if you can. If you can’t make a financial contribution, there are plenty of ways you can support our campaign with your time and talents. No matter how you contribute, I’m honored to have you in this campaign.

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